Our team-based Virtual Reality Escape Room adventures are the perfect gift for anyone who loves games, puzzles or technology. No experience is required! Our games require a minimum of two players. Pre-buy your players’ tickets so it’s seamless gifting experience!

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Cypher VR hosts the best Virtual Reality Escape Rooms Los Angeles has experienced! We focus on team-based puzzle solving with story-driven adventures. Get ready for a completely immersive 3D experience with unbelievable graphics and worlds of incredible scale and detail.

With up to 8 players you bring along, you’ll each have your own dedicated space to stand and move. Use your hands, body and mind to solve challenges by drinking shrinking potions, climbing buildings or using your body’s in-built tech. Talk through your mission together, and you’ve always got us to help.

The clock is ticking, are you ready for this Virtual Reality Escape Room?

(323) 213-9192
Total game duration is about 45 minutes, but please allow for 1 hour.
2806 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505